Please get in touch with us if you have any other questions: company (at) breaz . io

How does the application process work?

Apply on breaz leaving your company name, e-mail and phone number. If your company fits with our requirements, one of our account manager will come back to you in a couple of days to help you set up your account.

What are the criteria of your selection?

We are super selective with the companies we accept on our marketplace. We want to make sure that the companies that have access are product-oriented, developers friendly and venture-backed and/or in high growth.

What type of candidates will I find on breaz?

We’re also super selective with the candidates you’ll get to meet on breaz as we accept less than 10% of the applications. Every week, you’ll get access to a new shortlist of candidates.
We actively bring on both junior and senior developers looking for full-time or internships opportunities.

Where do you get all this candidates from?

This is where the magic happens. Most of the candidates who apply on breaz comes from word of mouth, referral and online marketing.

How do you select the candidates?

We’ve built our own process to insure the quality of the candidates of our weekly shortlists.
We carefully review every single application before assessing the technical skills through a test and the motivation through a phone interview.
Candidates who are willing to work with a specific language/framework are assessed on it.

Who can view my company’s profile?

Only the candidates you’ve request an interview can have a look at your company’s profile.

Can I request multiple interviews the same week?

Of course. You can request as many interviews as you want. Indeed, most of our clients are willing to meet several candidates each week to hire better and faster.

What should I do when a candidate accepts my interview request?

Congratulations! You’ll then be able to chat with the candidate on our platform to go further in your formal interview process. We advise you to schedule the first interview within a couple of days.

What happens if a candidate decline my interview request?

It happens, don’t worry. The candidates are not interested in every industry verticals and all size of companies.

What type of companies are you working with?

We mainly work with funded startups but we also accept early-stage startups and bigger firms that have interesting products and technical challenges.

Can I contact candidates outside of the marketplace?

No. We’ve built all the tools you need to start your hiring process through our platform.

Do I have to sign a contract with breaz?

Accepting our Terms and Conditions is a contract between your company and breaz SAS.

How much does it cost?

Our marketplace is free of access. We’ll charge a monthly commission only if you hire a candidate through our marketplace. We start charging when the candidate starts working at your company. You can check our rates here.

What happens if a candidate leaves my company?

If a candidate you hired through breaz leaves your company, we’ll stop charging. You’ll just have to notify us by e-mail at company at breaz.io.

What are the means of payment?

We accept credit cards for monthly payments and wire transfers for upfront payments.